Many homes are built with large long reach in closets with a shelf and a sad excuse for a hanging rod. You find yourself shoving your clothes together and have trouble sliding your items with those wire vertical pieces blocking the bar. Your shoes are all lined up on the shelf above with all of your other accessories, and every time you open those french doors, you take a deep breath and pray that those screws hold everything together for one more day!

Fret no longer! Call California Closets and discuss your needs with a design consultant. At the very minimum, they can double your space! In this case, they tore out the shelf/hanging combo, and created a double hanging storage solution. The shoes can now fit comfortably under all of the clothing and accessories can be added to pull out valet rods, tie racks, belt racks and drawers.

To create a similar system or to double your storage, call 800.225.6901 to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today!

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