Now that we’ve been back in the swing of things for just about a month now, are any of you noticing the build up of junk by the front door? With two kids and a dog, my front entry looked like a tornado ripped through it. But that was last year. This year, everything has it’s place and I have my sanity.

I put in a California Closets mudroom space right around this time last year when I tripped over my daughter’s backpack and nearly broke my nose! I called 800.225.6901, and got myself scheduled with a certified design consultant for FREE! When the designer arrived at my house, she could see the defeat on my face but worked with me (and my budget) to gather an inventory of what I needed off the ground and out of sight. After seeing the space and our needs for it, my designer scheduled a follow up appointment with me in my local showroom where we met to go over the designs.

After tweaking a few things and choosing the color options upon seeing them on a large scale, I was so excited about my new space! A few short weeks later, a very friendly installer showed up at our house (ON TIME) and installed our life saving mudroom space!


I absolutely love that each of my kids have their own storage section and the end spot is where my husband and I store our items (along with a few dog leashes). We really couldn’t be happier with the process and final result!

To get your peace of mind (and to keep all of your bones in tact) call 800.225.6901 today to see what a design consultant can do for you!


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