For those of us living in smaller homes, condos, or apartment units or just living in maxed out homes, the thought of having a place to store all of our books might be a dream that has been squashed. Not anymore! It’s time to start maximizing your overhead storage to make your dreams become a reality.

In order to make the best library space, all you need is a wall. Your California Closets design consultant will come in and help you maximize your wall space to create a home for all those library items no matter if they’re decorative or educational.

Have high ceilings? Not to worry. Add a rolling ladder to your system. This will not only jazz up your space, but it adds function to a place you wouldn’t have been able to utilize before.


Don’t have a wall available? We can help you find one. This customer decided to ditch the artwork and add some cabinets above their couch. Throw in some lighting underneath and you have the perfect recipe for a cozy reading nook!


No matter how small the space, we can help convert anything into an organized educational (or decorative) library.

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