California Closets New England services Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the Northern half of Connecticut. Our Shop and Manufacturing facility is located within our Main Office in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Shop Pic

Once our design consultant finalizes their plans with our clients, the 3D CAD files get sent to our office for production. Our office production team will

  • Scrutinize every detail of the design to check for errors and to ensure proper installation.
  • Hold a meeting with designers on more complex jobs to ensure design accuracy
  • Complete a parts list after design review for our Shop to manufacture.
  • Order special items we obtain from other vendors (not housed in our shop)

After the client’s designs have gone through review with our production team and all special order materials are received, our Shop staff will

  • Custom cut every piece of material for each closet system.
  • Assemble every drawer box and attach the faces and hardware
  • Quality check each project for imperfections and missing material

All of these steps take place before the installer loads the material into a van for delivery and install. Local manufacturing makes it possible to provide a seamless transition from design to installation. For more information or to visit our manufacturing facility, call 800.225.6901.

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