Do you have reach in closet with a shelf and a rod? Think you are getting the most out of your space? Think again! Call California Closets and double your storage!


Take the single rod and divide it into four! A design consultant will help you create a long hanging section for your dresses and jackets. Use the other three sections as stacked sections. These will double the storage space without taking up width!

Instead of keeping all of your items stacked on one long shelf, divide that shelf up into multiple. Use the shelf storage for clothing, shoes or accessories while still leaving space left over for a full hutch!

By adding a hutch to your system, you can store more personal items behind the doors and in the drawers. Add a jewelry insert to the drawers to hide your most valuable pieces. Utilize the hutch counter space for your purse or perfumes and be sure to add some photos for a personal touch!

Before you know it, you’ve just gotten rid of a dresser and that little closet just became a beautifully organized space.



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