Laundry storage can be tricky. Do you leave a laundry basket on the floor in your closet or put one in the corner of your room? Do you just leave your clothes in a pile behind the door? And then there’s the dry cleaning. Where do you put that?

At California Closets, we’ve got you covered. With a hampers in a variety of sizes and styles, we can help get even your laundry organized for you.

Add a tilt out or pull out hamper with one bag or two. This will allow you to store your laundry with purpose. Utilize the one bag option for all of your laundry or dry cleaning. The two bag option makes for great sorting storage for those whites and colors or laundry and dry cleaning. When ready, just remove the bag from the system and bring it to the washing machine or dry cleaner.

With options of baskets with canvas liners, tilt out black bag hampers or pull out hampers that come in a variety of fabric styles, you’re sure to find a hamper that meets your aesthetic and organizational needs.

To add a hamper to your California Closet System, call 800.225.6901 today and schedule a FREE consultation with a designer.

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