Do you have a garage but because there is so much stuff in it, your car stays parked outside? California Closets can help. A designer can come out and help get your garage space organized!

Have tools everywhere? Consider adding a work space with a slat wall so that you have a counter space to work at with every tool at your fingertips!

Fluids for your cars lined up nicely on the ground? Build some cabinets to house these in addition to all of those other odds and ends lying around.

Kids leaving their sports equipment or bikes lying around? No problem. Add a slat wall with our large accessories. Hang a basket to house those basketballs, tennis balls, soccer balls and footballs so they are off the ground and prohibited from rolling. Use a larger accessory to lift those bikes off the floor and to enable them from falling on your car.

Not sure what to do with all of the lawn care equipment? Add them to the slat wall as well! We can add some hooks for you to keep those shovels, rakes and blowers organized and easy to find.

Now that your items have been compacted and organized, enjoy the space that is once again available for your car and enjoy the cool interior temperature when you get in it this summer!

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