Ever finish designing a room and feel like you just need a little something extra? Then, after some careful thought, you add curtains to bring in a pop of color and function? Well at California Closets we offer something similar. Think of our Fabric Boards as the curtains of our closet systems.

Fabric boards can be added along any wall space in your California Closet system. Like curtains, they come in a variety of different colors and patterns, and offer functionality to boot!

Add a fabric board to your pantry for those shopping lists, to your closet for pictures or to hang jewelry with decorative push pins, to your desk space for all those “To Dos” or to any other space you can think of. With functionality being restricted only by your imagination, there really isn’t anything a fabric board couldn’t add for you.

Brighten your space with purpose by adding a fabric board today! Call 800.225.6901 to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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