13 MasterLuxeCloset_Detail_DwrBoxInsert_Hosiery_Hero-2

Not sure what you can do with a drawer divider but think you want to add one to your system? Let us help you out with some ideas!

Use your drawer divider to sort out your under garments and lingerie. This way when it is time to pull out those white pants next week, you will know just where to find the appropriate colored underwear without all the digging.

Are you a business professional by day and a gym enthusiast by night? Then it’s likely you’ll need to separate your running socks from those fancy argyle ones in your sock drawer. Organize your socks by color using a drawer divider and finding the perfect pair will be a breeze!

Is your closet small but you have a lot of shoes? Add a drawer divider to one of our deep drawer boxes and place those sneakers, flats and sandals in it to keep your shoes organized without monopolizing a ton of space.

To use a drawer divider in your system, call 800.225.6901 to schedule a consultation today!

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