California Closets offers an awesome accessory called a Valet Rod, but many don’t know the real benefits and uses for it until they own one of our systems.

When you have a Valet Rod added to your California Closet, the most popular use for it is to assist in putting dry cleaning away. When you come home with a fist full of clothes on hangers, simply pull out your Valet Rod, place your dry cleaning on it, and then put your items away one at a time. You’ll never have to worry about them getting wrinkled by laying them on your bed or floor to sort them out because they’ll be hanging the whole time.

In addition to using the Valet Rod for dry cleaning, it can also be a fantastic assistant when picking out an outfit for that special occasion. Choose that perfect shirt, pair of pants, or dress and put it on the Valet Rod. Next, place shoes on the floor underneath and add a tie, necklace, or any other accessory to your outfit to pull it all together. Leave it hanging there for a day or two beforehand to build up the hype for the exciting event to come!


Leaving for a long weekend and don’t want your clothes to get wrinkled? Place all your hanging clothes on the Valet Rod, and slide your garment bag up and around them. It’s an easy want to pack them away for simple transport!

If you don’t have a lot of dry cleaning or simply don’t feel a need to use the Valet Rod for clothing, consider this option. Pull the rod all the way out and hang your necklaces and bracelets on it. They will be right at eye level, untangled, and ready to add to any outfit. We bet you’ll even make use of a lot more jewelry this way too!

Figure out the best use for your Valet Rod and ask your designer to add one or more to your system at your next consultation!

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