How do you store your shoes? Are they in boxes? Stacked in Bins? Piled in the corners of your closets? At California Closets, we understand that shoes are just as important to your wardrobe as that special top that everyone complements you on. That’s why we offer such a large variety of shoe storage options!

Aside from regular shelving, slanted shelving is our simplest form of shoe storage.  We offer fencing in a variety of colors to match your hardware choice as well!angled shoe shelving

Our first type of pull out shelving offers storage for multiple pairs of shoes. This storage solution works best for those tight spaces or smaller closets.

pull out shoes

Pull out shelving with dividers, gives the shoes a safe organized home with some style. Pull the shelf out when you’re looking for that special pair and slide it back in when you’re done to save space.pull out shoe shelving

Finally, we offer lit shelving for those special shoes that must be displayed! Lighting is added to our slanted shoe shelving to add an even more elegant pop to your closet space.lit shoe shelving

To learn about these options and more, request a consultation today by calling 800.225.6901.

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