At what point does the thought, “Wow! Kids come with a ton of stuff!” cross your mind? Those of us with kids understand the feeling of being bombarded by toys, and all the other “must have” items they come with. So the real question becomes, “what do we do with all of it?” Consider calling California Closets! We don’t just offer closet systems, we work in every room of the home (even those cluttered rooms our children have taken over).

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Schedule a time to have a design consultant out to measure the space, take an inventory of all the things that need to be stored, and work with you to come up with a solution to help you get your home back!

Consider adding cubbies with doors that close. These will help your kids stay organized. Legos in one, crayons in another, dress up clothes in a third. The doors will also help you hide the items you need to throw in last minute to get the room looking clean!

Shelving creates a great space for housing those books! Whether it is a coloring book or a book to snuggle up with, shelving offers a great space for quick access while keeping the clutter organized.

Call 800.225.6901 to set up a design consultation to figure out how our designers can help with your space. You will get your home back, and give your little ones the best gift possible; organization!

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