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Ever wonder what actually goes on at one of our complimentary consultations? Our process is simple. One of our California Closets Designers will visit you in your home for your consultation, at a time that is convenient for you. Appointments are generally 60-90 minutes long and can take place in the evening and on weekends, a plus for those who work the daily grind. At the consultation they will,Fantasy walk in drawers

• Measure your space(s)
• Take Inventory
• Bring samples of all of our 18 finishes
• Arrive with an iPad full of ideas for inspiration
• Discuss a budget that’s comfortable for you

Have a lot of long hanging dresses? They will carve out a section for these so that they do not drag on the floor but will also leave enough room for your growing wardrobe. The designer can also show you examples of hardware, special glass or eco-resin inserts for doors and drawers, and lighting.

At California Closets we use 3D CAD technology to create a virtual rendering of your actual closet with our systems inside. You’ll be able to get the clearest vision of your design in order to simply your life and needs.

Ready to give it a shot? You can call 800-225-6901 to reach our main office in Hopkinton, MA to set up an appointment.

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