Lighted shelves can be a great way to accent decorative objects, clothes, accessories and shoes! There are different ways to light shelves to create different looks including strip lighting, puck and recessed puck lighting, and illuminated shelves. All of the lighting options use LED lights. LED lights are long lasting, up to 25 years or more than 50,000 hours of use. They are also energy-saving, using 90% less power than conventional light bulbs!

LED Strip Lighting

Strip lighting can be used horizontally, as shown above, or vertically to illuminate the shelf. Using strip lighting vertically along the sides of a section is perfect for lighting a stack of shoes or a wardrobe unit. The strip lighting is great because of its flexibility and its even distribution of light. They come in two color temperatures, meaning two different colors of light, warm and daylight. Warm light is similar in color to an incandescent light bulb providing warm, yellow light. Daylight is brighter and more blue-toned meant to mimic natural light.

LED Puck Lights

Puck lights, pictured above, and recessed puck lights, pictured below are very similar. The puck lights project from the mounted surface about a half inch while the recessed puck lights are flush with the surface. The lights come in two finish options, black and satin nickel and two color temperatures, warm and daylight. As shown in some of the pictures, glass shelves are a great option when using puck or recessed puck lights because they allow for the light to to flow through the set of shelves.

LED Recessed Puck Lights

Pictured below are illuminated shelves included as a design element in a wine bar. These shelves can also be used for shoes and other decorative items as well. They add a glow to highlight items and brighten the space. Like the other lighting options, they come in two color temperatures, warm and daylight. They are also available in a color changing option with the ability to control the color, speed, and dimming of the light. The glass comes in three etched, linear designs and five optional profile finishes- black, white, oil rubbed bronze, natural aluminum, and brushed stainless.

LED Illuminated Shelves

Come check out these lighting options at a showroom near you! Pictured below is the lighting display at the Brighton showroom where you can see the different lighting options, finishes, and color temperatures. You can also see how lighting has been incorporated into storage systems in our many beautiful displays.

Brighton Lighting Display

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