Keeping clothes organized includes not only clean clothes, but clothes that need to be washed as well! Including a hamper into your California Closets storage solution is a great way to get the clothes off the floor and into one easy, convenient location. When its time to wash, grab the bags by the handles and take them to the laundry room!

Tag Slide Out Hampers California Closets

Slide out hampers are one of the hamper options. The hamper bags come in soft, quilted micro-suede fabrics stitched with a timeless circular pattern as well as plain black. The aluminum frame comes in many finish options to coordinate with your closet design. They include soft-close, under mount slides. You can go with one hamper bag, as pictured above, or two hamper bags, as pictured below. Having two hamper bags is great for keeping darks and lights pre-sorted or separating dry cleaning from regular laundry!

Tag Slide Out Hampers California Closets

Edge banding, the strip of material on the front of the slide out hamper, is available and can be utilized as a design element. Keep it the same color as your system or use an accent color or leather to create a unique look.

Tag Tilt Out Hampers California ClosetsTag Slide Out Hampers California ClosetsTilt Out Hamper Wire Basket California Closets

Tilt out hampers are the second hamper option. Discretely store your laundry behind a door front using the tilt out hamper option. The hamper is mounted on the back of the door for easy access to your laundry. You can use the hamper bags or a wire basket with an optional canvas liner to store clothes.

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