The small closets in the most inconvenient places can easily frustrate any homeowner. If you have anything similar to these closets then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It can be hard when all you want is more space for an entry closet, your bedroom, or even a garage. It’s time to stop longing for what you don’t have and make magic of what you do have!

California Closets designers can work with the space you already have and give you exactly what you’re looking for. We have found a solution for pretty much every small space in the house and no ceiling is too low or too high. Your possibilities with California Closets are endless even if your closets aren’t.

We’ve made a this entryway and small closet area into the perfect one-stop-shop for mail, keys, and kids.

Boston_Mudroom_2905Sometimes closets don’t have to be closets! This desk space is perfect for keeping all your last-minute things by the door so you can grab and go! Mornings can be hectic so a station that keeps everything in one spot is perfect.


Combining spaces into multi-purpose rooms is the best way to make the most out of small areas. Combining the laundry room with the craft station is extremely beneficial during holiday seasons – you can wrap presents and fold laundry at the same time…just make sure the dog doesn’t get left alone in there (that’s a recipe for disaster).

No matter what amount of space you have in your home, California Closets custom designs fit the mold to your home and use every nook and cranny to make sure no space is wasted.

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