Spring-Cleaning-WU Here are ten reasons why spring cleaning is the best time of year (other than the school year when the kids are out of the house):

1. The dust in the house has got to go! Avoiding the TV stand and coffee table can’t happen anymore – Dusting keeps the family healthy and happy and more importantly, your home will look fabulous.

2. You’ll find all the missing socks under the bed. Every single one.

3. Opening the windows airs out the entire house (even if it’s still cold out).

4. Buying all new cleaning supplies is secretly enjoyable.

5. You get to combine playing with your dog and cleaning when you pull out the vacuum.

195817_3406. In a way, the house looks new again with shiny table tops and wide open windows.

7. It’s a valid excuse to buy new decor and re-arrange furniture. There is nothing wrong with a little splurging.

8. You can finally stop worrying about snow being tracked through the house.

9. You don’t have to do it all in one day – An hour a day can really add up!

10. It motivates you to get organized! California Closets can help with this, too!

Updating and changing your home gives your home a fresh start and springtime is the best time to do this! Soon the warm weather will be here and your home will be ready when it comes.

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