Buying a new home can bring a wave of emotions from excitement to nervousness but the experience is always enjoyable. Walking through the homes with empty rooms and empty walls can spark inspiration. Once you’ve realized that every room in that house has potential, you can’t wait to go buy paint brushes and drop cloths!

Moving into a new house is like a blank canvas – the possibilities are endless. The most important part of choosing what colors and styles to go with is whether or not it fits to you and your lifestyle.

If you have kids that love to play outside, no matter the weather, a mud room would be perfect for you! With California Closet finish options, you can mix and match them to have your mudroom fit your interior perfectly.

Your bedroom area can be fitted with a closet system made just for you and your belongings as well. If you need a lot of hanging space, our designers can definitely do that! If you don’t have the closet space you want, you can always built in the room as well! A wall unit is just as beautiful as a walk in closet and can be designed to match your room as  well.

From garages to pantries, California Closets can give you maximum storage space and design that fits for every room. Once you’ve got some paint on the walls and an idea of what you want your rooms to look like, we can help you make that canvas not so blank anymore.

Call or click to schedule your free consultation today!

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