Sometimes it can be difficult when you want to do so many things with your home but you’re strained by a budget that seems to make it impossible. Oftentimes it can be discouraging and you may feel as though you won’t be able to get exactly what you’re looking for. California Closets designers eliminate that feeling, will work with you on a budget, and still deliver the quality of product and design you are looking for. You don’t have to have the elaborate things to make your home look beautiful and we believe that the simple lifestyle is the best lifestyle.

California Closets offers a Classic line of finishes that are solid colored, but can still add flare  to any space in your home. Classic White, Ivory, Cashmere, and Black finishes look great in any space and can make the biggest statement – you’d be surprised!

With the large selection of accessories, handles, and knobs that California Closets offers, you can add to your system in so many ways, and you won’t break the bank!


This Classic White Corner unit is sleek and simple as well as completely functional! Functionality and maximizing storage space are our main goals when designing systems. This unit follows along an angled wall while leaving enough space above each top shelf for decoration.


This ivory craft station looks great against the beige rug and makes the colors in the wrapping paper pop. It’s the perfect shade for when you don’t want pure white, but also not looking for a dark color. Ivory is a great complement to neutral floors and also looks great with bright wall colors! Even though the ivory is subtle, it is the perfect color for a statement piece in your home.

12_MediaCenter_DrawerFront_Hero 1

This media center is built with the Classic Black finish and accented with Classic White drawer fronts.

The design is modern, but the flat, white fronts keep it looking clean. Mixing and matching finishes is the easiest way to customize your system while maintaining your target spending range.


No matter how you choose to design your system, allow yourself to worry less about the budget burden and more about all the different possibilities you have with California Closets!



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