Slide open your closet door and look inside. There are so many articles of clothing and most likely a huge selection of colorful things. You can have the most colorful wardrobe in your closet but it stops there. The walls in your closet are most likely white (or covered by clothes) and the shelves are boring wire and the generic pole.


Who says you have to have a boring closet? Adding color to your closet is a great way to showcase all your bright clothing and even complement it too!

This closet looks like a high end store and also adds style to the space as well.13 MasterLuxeCloset_Talent_v2_RtSideCabinet-2

This wardrobe is full of neutral, lighter tones. The Venetian Wenge, dark, textured finish used in this closet is the perfect contrast to all the hanging in the background. The neutral color scheme is consistent with the clothing style and completes the entire look.

Adding a small amount of color can often make the biggest difference and create a beautiful focal point for any system.


This all white wall unit is clean and classic with a little added red flare in the cabinet doors. Not only is a wall unit great for when you don’t have a large closet, it allows you to design around the existing room while adding color to your closet.

White walls or white systems are like blank canvases, you can do anything you want with it!

This walk-in was built in Lago Roman Walnut and adds the perfect touch of color to this blank space.



The light brown finish is the perfect backdrop for these shoes and displays them perfectly on slanted shelves.

It doesn’t have to be bright to be beautiful, but adding some color into your closet space and really make all the difference.

Call today to start coloring in your closet!

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