Let’s face it – the kids are growing up. Whether it’s their first year of high school or their last year of college, our kids are in major stages of their lives with big changes up ahead. As the children get older, their styles, friends, and desires change. California Closets can change with your kids as the years go by – from crib to college, California Closets is always there.

It can be hard to accept the idea that your child has grown into the young adult that they are but it can also be an exciting time for you, also.

When the kids no longer live at home or they’ve grown out of their crib, you can easily change around their space to a more updated system.

This wall unit, once used for a newborn and a crib, was transformed to a more mature style, fitting a bigger bed.



The same basic system is kept while accessories and storage spaces were updated to add a desk for homework and more stylish accessories to give the wall unit a more mature look. Shelves that once held stuffed animals now hold books and picture frames of friends.


This closet once held toddler dresses and tiny socks. After some minor changes, this space was made to fit longer dresses and much more clothes! With adjustable shelving and poles it is easier to fit all of her new things!


Hooks were added so she can hang her necklaces and scarves and what once held her little shoes is now more hanging space for her summer shorts and skirts!


Once the kids move out, whether that be months from now or even years, you have the ability to create the most use out of their room and transform it into a completely customized storage space that fits your every need.

No matter what stage in life your child is in, there’s always room to grow for them and for California Closets.


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