This weather can definitely take a toll on your whole house with boots tracking mud and snow everywhere, not to mention our four-legged friends too. If there’s nowhere to keep all of the wet coats, hats, and mittens, the carpet will surely turn a different color in no time. To prevent this, mudroom storage is so important! Whether it’s in your entryway or the garage, having a space to hang clothes out to dry is a necessity for this New England weather. Mudrooms are so useful in the home and with California Closets, you can work with a designer that can create something that fits perfect with your home!

Here are some of our favorite mudroom designs and we think you’ll love them, too!


This entryway has plenty of hanging space for those wet jackets and a seating area to take off boots and socks.


This mudroom has plenty of drawer and overhead storage along with a slide-out shelf for easy shoe storage. Paired with a desk space to keep all the mail in one spot, this is an ideal entry space for anyone looking for maximized organization. *Check out this display in our Brighton Flagship Showroom!*

Hall_White_Closet_09 (1)

Even the simplest of entryways can be the most functional. Since our systems are hung on the wall, you can save the space on the floor for the muddy, wet boots!




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