Linen closets can be difficult to keep in order with those pesky fitted sheets that no one knows how to fold properly, the tiny hand towels that you always seem to lose, and the toiletries that always end up all over the place.


Organization is so important for your linen closet and while we can’t tell you the secret of how to fold fitted sheets the right way, we can tell you the secret of how to organize your linens: California Closets.


Shelving is a must for those large bath towels and fitted sheets (once you figure out how to fold them). Slide-out baskets are great for storing sheets as well.


You can never have enough drawer space in a linen closet. Drawers are necessary for storing hand and face cloths, soaps, and other small toiletry items.


This accessory can be used to hang pants, but in a linen closet it is perfect for flat sheets! You can keep all of them neatly folded over the hanger, eliminate wrinkles, and avoid a sheet catastrophe. This hanging rack slides in and out for easy access.

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