You may think that it’s too late and that your clutter has gone too far to the point where you should almost just give up. There can come a time when you think that there is no hope for your home and you have too much to go through. Our team of designers are here to help you dig through the difficulties to find organization.  It may be overwhelming at first but when you are working along side one of our designers, but they will work hard to make sure that you find the light at the end of the tunnel (or in this case, closet.)

Designers can help you find a place for everything, anywhere. We can design systems to fit your garage, home entertainment center or living room, office space, and of course any closet! If it is difficult for you to see how we could potentially save your space and maximize organization, take a look at these techniques that have allowed us to master the art of organization

CAD Designing:

Our designers are trained in using CAD software which is used to create a 3D image of your space and what they have designed for you. See how the different finishes look with your walls and the function of the drawers and doors. This will help you visualize what your designer has created. It’s easy to make changes, too!

Corner Shelves:

Usually used in pantry closets, these shelves allow for maximum shelving space and leaves no room for wasted space. You can store all your canned goods with ease and still have access to the items you need.

Floor to Ceiling:

We utilize all the space you have along your walls in order to give structure and maximum storage to your unit. Although you do not have to have your system all the way to the floor, having it allows for more shelving, doors, drawers, hanging, or whatever you need!

Closet Corners:

Closet corners can be a little tricky when trying to use all the space and still maintain access to all your clothes. Our solution to a corner in a closet can be seen in the picture below. It allows you to reach in and take anything that may be in the back against the wall. This is the perfect place for a pull-out accessory, too – like a mirror!


Notching around baseboard is something that we do so that you don’t have to get rid of it. Baseboard can sometimes be the perfect accent to a room and adds more dimension. We outfit our systems to form the existing conditions of your space so that it is cohesive.



We mount all of our systems on the wall and build downward. This method allows us to keep our systems perfectly level and not depend on the floor for support. Systems can continue to the floor for added support or for a set of drawers, but if you are looking to store your tall boots and shoes at the base, the above-the-floor solution is just for you!


After looking at all of the possible ways to solve your clutter problems, give us a call and start solving today!

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