It might be difficult to think outside of the box when it comes to reach-in closets. Typically it’s seen as a space behind closed doors. With so many possibilities at California Closets, you can create a system that matches your room, complements a focal point, or stands out to make a bold statement. You’ll want to keep those sliding doors open all the time.

Reach In Header Photo

You may feel that since your space is small that you have limited options when trying to maximize and design your new closet. You may stop and think “I’ll never be able to have what I need in such a small space.” We’re here to tell you – Don’t get discouraged!

One of the best parts about California Closets is that no matter how small or large your space is, we will always offer options for you. Sometimes difficult spaces will have a limited amount of options, but we always try our best to find a solution.

With any space, designing a storage solution to fit all of your wants and needs takes some time and planning but it is definitely worth the wait once the plans become reality.


This reach-in pulls colors from all over the room. The Adriatic Mist Lago finish complements the whole room and the Fossil Leaf Ecoresin door inserts give the perfect accent. The whole system has a backing and goes to the floor to give it a more furniture look. Shoe shelving and added storage space make it easier to store things other than clothes, too.

The next reach-in is made with a simple white finish to match the rest of the furniture in the room. It’s made up of mostly hanging and stops above the baseboard for easy cleaning and boot storage. The section in the middle has adjustable shelves so that it can change depending on what needs to be stored.

* Tip: Adjustable shelving is great when transitioning clothes from season to season! *


Making a statement with a closet sounds a little odd, but when you put it in the right place, it becomes a masterpiece. This closet designed in the Virtuoso style gives the room a unique focal point. Who would have ever thought that your closet space would be worth showing off?

The colors used in this closet tie into the structure it’s built in and attracts the eye towards it. The colored drawer fronts give the closet dimension and the clean horizontal lines make a bold statement. A modern unit such as this one will have everyone amazed.


Who ever said “A closet is just a closet” hasn’t walked through the doors of a California Closets showroom before. Even with some of the most basic closets you can have a system that is pleasing to the eye. Reach-in closets aren’t meant to hide behind doors anymore. Keep those doors wide open and let your reach-in closet be seen!



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