2014 is off to an incredible start. All our resources are being stretched as we try to keep up with the demand.  Our design team is growing and they are stronger than ever before. Our repeat business is unprecedented as our clients are coming back with more ways they need their lives simplified and more organized. So, how do we do it all?



We have worked very hard to source new closet and storage products.  Currently the national California Closets product team is in Milan, Italy at the world’s largest furniture and design show.  The storage and design ideas that come from these trips have continued to keep California Closets leading in home storage.

photo 5

The New England Franchise is an early adopter of design and product initiatives.  We work hard to bring these new products and design concepts to market fast. We feel that our clients are looking for these new and exciting innovations in design and product. When we look at our tremendous start to the year – this is a key contributor to our success.



California Closets New England grows people! Whether it is the national group or franchises throughout the system, the New England franchise develops more quality people for key positions than any other franchise. This commitment to training and developing people is another key reason for our growth this year and through the past.

Our Design team came mostly from design schools or the interior design industry.  They are trained and reviewed continually and they work here because of our commitment to supporting their creativity and design aspirations. We have design consultants that enjoy helping people by providing creative designs that are improving their day to day lives.

Our production and installation group practice continuous improvement. They have a commitment to the client and they are diligent in getting better at logistics management. We continue to look for new and innovative approaches to being able to execute seamlessly on the creativity of our design consultants as we bring state of the art storage solutions to our clients. Our people are critical to our success and we will continue to develop top quality professionals that exemplify the brand California Closets.



California Closets has 8 showrooms throughout New England. We are currently in the process of upgrading each showroom with new products and designs. Our flagship showroom on 1660 Soldiers Field Road in Brighton is undergoing a major overhaul as we celebrate its 10th anniversary. Our belief is that our clients need to see and touch and understand our home storage concepts.

ladies walk in 3

From our state of the art CAD design program to our showrooms, we feel like our clients have a full understanding of what they are getting and how it will change their lives. Our design centers give them all the options they need to customize their personal storage space. The showrooms give our design consultants the opportunity to make sure that the client gets everything they need and that they are fully satisfied. Our showrooms, with their new products and design concepts have contributed to our tremendous start to the year.

We look forward to another strong year and to continually re-inventing the home storage industry. Our commitment to our clients will continue to be foremost in everything we do.  Keep organized!



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