I’m sure you know by now that California Closets provides its customers with storage solutions for every room in the home, but what is the meaning behind the word “solution”? What makes it a solution for you and your home? What makes it different for each of our customers?


This is what “solution” means to us:

S – Storage for every room, everyone, and everything. Whether it’s a garage unit for the tools, a master bedroom walk-in closet, or storage for the dog, we will make sure everything has a place to go.

O – Organization in any space, even if it seems impossible. Our team of designers work closely with you and create a design on their 3D CAD program (it’s really cool too).

L – Lifestyles can be matched with different looks and feels of each unit. With our many different finishes, you can combine them to create a storage unit that completes the rest of the room and fits your taste.

U – Utilizing and maximizing all your space is key. We strive to create units for you that will maximize storage so you can fit everything you want in that one spot.

T – Top-quality finishes we use to build our systems will withstand the wear-and-tear over the years and our units come backed with a warranty.

I – Individual customization is our specialty. The storage units we build are specifically to what you want and need.

O –  Optimal functionality of your system makes it so your entire unit is useful. No space goes to waste and you can keep everything in its place.

N – No hassle for the customer. We manufacture and install your storage units so you just deal with us directly. We even clean up after!

When we design a storage solution for you, we don’t want you to just be okay with it, we want to exceed your expectations. A solution from California Closets is more than just a storage unit and our ultimate goal is to making your life at home easier.

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