Who says that guys can’t personalize their space with California Closets too? I can’t deny that we are super creative and innovative but this new man cave takes the cake! Every man wants their own place in the house where they can relax and watch a little football or hang out with the guys. In most cases, that place is the garage.

We’ve turned this plain garage area into the ultimate “Guys Only” zone with the darker finishes and deep textured accents. The colors and textures give the space a masculine, edgy feel that is perfect for Sunday night football or a Saturday in with friends.

man cave 1

This unit has more features than you’ll believe! It is built with our Cashmere Gray classic finish and accented with Black High-gloss drawer fronts, lighted glass shelving, and a highly tactile sliding door to give it a rigid, industrial look.

With these lighted shelves, his shiny trophies are perfectly displayed. Behind the sliding door is a giant flat screen for all of his favorite sports. But it doesn’t stop there…

man cave 3

This man cave gets even better! With the same finishes used on the other wall, we created a complementary bar area. It is equipped with all the things he needs for a night with the guys including a built-in tap that has been finished with the black leather belt accent panel. It’s pretty cool if I don’t say so myself!

The overhead doors are push-latch which gives the space a more modern look without the use of handles and the shelves allow him to showcase his favorite things.

mc 5

The bar is accented with the black leather belt panel as well to tie the whole space together with the highly textured sliding doors in the media stand.

Overall, I would say that this is a pretty nice place for the guys to hang out and if I were them, I would never want to leave! This man cave has everything a guy wants in a place that he can call his own. After checking these photos out, I’m sure we can all agree that California Closets has mastered the man cave.

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