California Closets New England offers baskets in a variety of colors and sizes, but not everyone knows what to do with them. Have no fear, we’ll help you figure out a use for them.


Add a basket to you’re baby’s room and store all of those blankets, linens and diapers of course!


Baskets in your front entryway keep shoes off the floor and you on your feet. (No one likes tripping over that pile of shoes every time you walk by them)


Snacks can often get lost in the back of your pantry or cabinet. When you add a basket to your pantry, you can see all of your snacks at once so food will never go bad or missing.


Baskets in your laundry room are great to help you keep your laundry sorted and off the ground! Use them for clean or dirty clothes, and store your detergent and other supplies in them when you’re all done!


Baskets are great for sports storage. Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids could have a space for their cleats, shin guards and soccer ball rather than have them stored in the trunk of your car or the corner of their bedroom?


Keep your linen closet organized and store all of you bathroom supplies and towels in on of our baskets.


Baskets make clean up easy! When the play room looks more like a war zone, your kids will have a user friendly space to store all of their toys and keep the room clean!

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