With the New England weather on its way, it is important to get prepared for the heavy coats, shovels, boots, hats, gloves, and everything else! California Closets has the ability to make your home’s entryway the perfect place for all your winter accessories.

It is not easy when you don’t have a place to put those muddy boots and dripping umbrella. The living room and soon the whole house ends up with tracks all across the floor.

With California Closets, our expert designers can design a mudroom solution to keep all of the wet clothes and muddy boots away from the rest of the house.

Check out some of these tips and features that you might want to incorporate into your mudroom solution:


1. Choose a darker color for your solution. It won’t show mud stains as much as a white finish and you will still be able to achieve the look you want for your entryway.

2. Under the bench is a great place for a pull-out shelf that has a mud mat so your muddy, snowy boots have a place to go.




3. Slat wall is great for hanging your coats and scarves. Hanging them on the wall leaves space for a bench in front so that you can put all your winter gear on.

4. Pull-out baskets are great for gloves, hats, and scarves. You can see it all when you pull out the basket and easily store it all in one spot.



5. Overhead cabinets give you extra space for off-season clothes. Instead of boxing your things away from the summer season, you can store it in the mudroom area year-round and switch when the weather changes.

13 MudRoomEntry_v2_Hero-3

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