You’ve just hung up the phone with us and have set up a day and time for your consultation. Now what? It’s ok if you forgot to ask what you should expect. The following pictures will explain it all!


The designer will show up at your house ON TIME and ready to work. They will come in and measure your space of interest making sure they mark down the locations of all access panels, baseboards, light switches and air vents. They make notes of all of this to make sure when they design later on, these things are accounted for.


The designer will sit down and have a conversation with you about what you envision your space to be. If possible, they’ll take inventory of what you would like to include in the space, so that they can create a section for everything.


Our designer will walk you through our iPad App. Here you can check out some different accessory and design options to help your designer learn your taste!


All of our designers come equipped with a variety of samples. They will take them out so you can see the various finish options, as well and options for doors, drawers and shelves. Once the designer has a good idea of what you’re looking for, they’ll let you know the next steps to take in order to achieve storage greatness!

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