Those of us who are privileged enough to have a fireplace in our homes know how difficult it can be to design around them. Take a look at the following pictures to see how we’ve helped real customers maximize their space while bringing out the beauty of their fireplace!

Some customers choose to mount their TV above their fireplace, leaving minimal space for their books and decorative pieces on the mantle. Therefore, our designers often work by creating a space off to one side of the fireplace to create storage and display cabinets for all of their books, videos, and artwork.4


Additionally, some customers choose to have the designer create display storage around the TV so that all of the mantle space can be utilized the way the client envisioned.  In this case, designers often create cubbies around the fireplace to store wood and other fire supplies.


Call 800.225.6901 to set up a consultation with a designer and see how they can help maximize your fireplace!

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