California Closets has really stepped it up with shoe storage…(no pun intended). We all have our favorite ways of storing shoes . Whatever you prefer, California Closets has got the shoe storage solution for you. We will make sure that every shoe fits.

Check out our solution for the way you store your shoes!


The Go-All-In

This type of storage probably means that you are always on the run so you just toss your shoes in or take them out as you come and go. You don’t have much time to go through and pick out what pair you’ll wear today so you have a pair of go-to shoes that works with everything!

Our Solution:

For this type of storage, California Closets can create a solution that includes slide-out baskets lined with canvas. This will be perfect for you and your on-the-move Mondays along with every other day! Slide it out quickly and grab your shoes and slide it right back!


Original Boxes

This method usually means that you have a lot of shoes. And there could be those shoes you only wear for special occasions, but it could just be personal preference to. Either way, there are a lot of boxes to be stored.

Our Solution:

Classic shelves. Adjustable shelving allows you to stack boxes and still maintain order. You can see where every pair is and organize them to your liking. Shelf dividers is a good added touch to keep the boxes from falling over.

California-Closets-Custom-Shoe-Storage (1)




Racks or Shelves

This might mean you have a shoe addiction. But hey, that is okay. We understand. You probably might be a little lost in your shoes though. There are just so many!

Our Solution:

Shelves! Lots and lots of shelves! With our adjustable and angled shelf solutions, we guarantee you will never have to store another pair of shoes at the bottom of your closet again. Our designers will make sure every pair has a spot in your new closet.






shoestorage (1)

If you prefer to keep your pairs of shoes together, but not in the box, and in an organized manner, the cubby is the solution for you. Sliding your pair of sandals in and out of the same spot is perfect, but that cubby system you bought at your local store is quickly losing space.

Our Solution:

Keep the cubbies you love. We have a selection of colors to match the rest of your closet along with a selection of sizes to choose from. Choose the smaller one for less cubbies, and the longer one for more!

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