Yes, I said pet storage.

You might be in awe that we can build a system to fit all your needs but I think this one is the icing on the cake.

We’ve gone above and beyond with what we can do for pets and these systems definitely show it!

For starters, look at this fish tank! Amazing, right?


At our home office in Hopkinton, Massachusetts sits this beautiful aquarium built with drawers and cabinets for pet products and it easily hides the wires for the pump!





Dogs deserve the best too, so we took the liberty of making a luxurious puppy pad!

With plenty of storage to fit the toys, food, treats, leash, and more, this system keeps it all in one spot while also looking fabulous.

These dogs are so lucky, they have breakfast in bed every day!

Since everything we do is customized by you, we can make a unit for any pet any size, and almost anywhere!


Here is another unit that incorporates a dog house and maximum pup storage.


The system molds to the dog house, fitting perfectly around and over the top. The deeper cabinets are still accessible and are great for storing dog food and toys.


No matter what kind of pet you have, we can make storage units for both functionality and style! Check out our website, call, or visit a showroom to get started on storage for your furry friends.

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