Who would have thought such a little thing could have so much stuff! Getting ready for baby can be exciting but keeping everything organized can be a terror! Let the experts help to get you organized.


Maximize the baby’s room by building storage around her crib. Baskets directly above are a great place to store extra sheets. They’re easy to grab in the middle of the night when the unexpected happens. Shelving and storage cubbies are great for all those baby books and soft toys. Keep everything organized and within arm’s reach because you never know when you might need it!


In the baby’s closet, it’s great to have shelving. Here you can display everything so you can always pick out just the right outfit for that “first” occasion.


Small drawers are great for babies because they make the small items easy to find. Keep the baby’s socks neatly organized 4


Baskets for babies are a MUST! Here you can keep all of their diapers and extra linens. That way if you need a burp cloth immediately it’s right at your fingertips. Baskets are also great for visual inventory. It’s great to see when you’re running low on diapers and wipes without having to open a closet or drawer to check.

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