Fall Maple Leaves

With summer almost gone and the kids headed back to school, the leaves are going to begin to change, and so is your wardrobe. It’s that time of year again when you pack away the flip-flops and pull out those fall boots. It is sad to see those summer dresses and shorts go away but this time of year can also be great for getting organized. You’ve had enough with those bins that say “summer” and “winter” but somehow can’t figure out a new way to keep your clothing for each season organized…so, you’re stuck.

Here’s where we come in. I like to think of California Closets as the organizing masters and they can solve any clutter problem. Ever.



Entryways and Closets



When it comes to trading in the bathing suits for the winter jackets, the closets in your home might not fit everything the way it’s supposed to. The shelf-and-bar solution has seen better days. Those puffy jackets weigh that bar down and one more could result in closet destruction.

With California Closets, our systems can withstand the heavy coats, plus have more than enough room for all your boots, scarves, mittens, and whatever else! Having an entry closet or mudroom fit with a California Closets solution can keep all your belongings ready and it adjusts right along with the seasons.

Remove shelves that once housed your flip-flops and sneakers so you can easily store taller boots for the fall and winter. This is also good for umbrellas!



Basement and Off-Season Storage
Having basic storage units installed with California Closets in your back room or basement keeps everything in its place until ready to be taken out.

This storage system can also be modified with shelf addition or removal for smaller or taller things, depending on the season.

I think for many, the basement is where the off-season clothes go. In the wire rack shelving unit from your local hardware store, you try to stay organized by labeling your boxes and keeping them neat.

That never works.

Cabinetry and doors help keep the entire system closed and out of sight.

Customization makes it easiest because you can create spots for specific things to go so you don’t mix anything up.



Quick Tips:

1. Empty out summer clothes from your bedroom, hall, and kid’s closets and keep them together on your bed or dresser.

2. Keep your fall and winter things away until your closet has been emptied.

3. Store your summer clothes first. You might find that you can wear some shirts under sweaters in the fall instead of packing them up.

4. Adjust your closet accordingly to your wardrobe to fit the new season and store your sweaters, boots, scarves, etc once you’re done.



Summer might be leaving, but we are just getting started! Complete your seasonal change with our Autumn Wood-grain Upgrade Event!


Enough talk about it, see what we can do for you! californiaclosets.com, phone or in one of our showrooms!

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