Read about these awesome beds! From Storage ideas to how it all works, along with the accessories you crave, we can make this the bed of your dreams.

Sometimes in smaller apartments and vacation homes, it seems like you run out of space rather quickly. Your bed can take up most of the room and there’s no space left for anything. Our Murphy Beds solve all of your small-space dilemmas and easily create more room.

Murphy beds are easy to store and pack up in seconds. Follow these quick steps below to see how it all works!

Camera Uploads6When it comes to accessorizing, the options are unlimited! This Murphy Bed was made using our Maple wood veneer and fit with a librarian’s ladder for access to the taller shelving. Door fronts are always good for creating cabinetry for pillows, but shelves are perfect, too.

It doesn’t have to be built for just the bed, either! It can be built with a desk for even more space saving. Whether it continues along the same wall or next to it, the combination of having the desk and the bed together saves a lot of room!

Putting the bed up during the day opens the room and gives it more functionality.PJ-BD348_MURPHY_G_20111019182347 (1)

A nice touch is to add recessed lighting above so you can enjoy your favorite book before bed.

The best part about this bed is that it fits any normal sized mattress! You don’t have to suffer from a sore back with those thin ones.

So in your new apartment overlooking the city, or that house on the lake you visit every summer, you can have all the space you want and rest comfortably in the bed you dream of.

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