Somehow, your kids have managed to take all of their clothes out of their dresser and now a brand new colorful carpet is in their bedroom…Great. And all their toys have seemed to come alive and “walk” to the living room. Now I’ve seen Toy Story a few times and granted, those toys actually do walk, but we all know our kids are the culprit for this one.

You’ve put your foot down. This is now the third time you’ve asked them to pick up their room. And it’s like talking to a brick wall. What is it going to take to make our kids clean?


This might sound a little crazy, but hear me out. Having California Closets storage for their clothes, toys, outside equipment, and anything else, could help get your kids to clean up. It’s simple, really. When everything has a place to go, and when they remember where their toys belong, cleaning up will be a breeze. Organization is key!

Instead of using that word “clean” they hate to hear, tell them it’s time for a game before dinner. Have them think of it as a giant puzzle and every toy fits in a certain spot. Pick up that stuffed bear from under the couch, and ask, “where does Mr. Snuggles go to sleep?” I guarantee that Mr. Snuggles will find his way back to the middle shelf near the books in your kids bedroom. Before you know it the whole “puzzle” is complete and you’re all ready for dinner.

We can’t promise that they will cooperate when it comes to eating dinner, though.


“How do I get there?”

Along side one of our expert designers, you can create a unique “puzzle” in each room for your kids. We will build systems for their clothes, desk areas and bookshelves, crafting, and anything else you can think of.

As your kids grow, so do their clothes. We can modify your kid’s closet as they get bigger to fit those teenage trends and store those longer skirts and dresses.

For now, while they are still young kids, you can dress up these storage units with colored glass, high gloss, or Ecoresin inserts for the door and drawer fronts. It can brighten up their room and looks great when paired with fun door handles. The closets can be adjusted so that their hanging clothes are easier for them to reach.

Having a spot for everything makes cleaning for kids a lot simpler, no matter what age…(if only it made them eat their food, too.)

When your kids are older and on their own, they can take that very same shelf that was once home to a Mr. Snuggles to their own place to use for their children, too.

Believe it or not, our closets can stay with you for many years to come. Check out this closet which has been around for nearly 30 years!


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