Those of us who have a garage know how much dead space lies around our cars.
Check out these pictures to see how California Closets New England can help
maximize it.


A work bench is a must and our slat walls help to make this possible. Isn’t it
such a pain when you need a certain drill or wrench but can’t find it? Our slat
wall hooks come in a variety of sizes so that all tools can be hung safely. We
also offer a variety of bins for all sorts of materials, such as drill bits or
screws (not pictured). Overhead storage is great for all of those car wash
supplies and cabinets under the desk are great for safely storing motor oil and
washer fluid.


Longer storage cabinetry is perfect for yard related materials. Store your
ground covering, extra pots, lawn ornaments, and cushions for patio furniture.
What else can you think to store there?


Slat walls also help keep bigger items organized. Purchase hooks to keep sporting equipment, yard work tools, bikes and more in their proper space so that they’re always easily accessible and easy to find when you need them.

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