Interested in working with us but not sure what steps to take to get a custom storage solution in your home? Check out these pictures to learn more about our process.

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Our designers are available when you’re available. Call 800.225.6901 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation with one of our trained designers. Once the designer is at your home, they’ll listen to your wants and needs. From there they will measure the space as well as what you would like to put inside of it, so that they can create a spot for everything.

After meeting with the designer, we suggest you visit your local showroom. While there check out our 20 finish options including customizable options. Take a walk around and see what types of hardware and accessories you’d like to add into your space.

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When you have a good idea of what your space should look like, the designer will design your solution in our 3D CAD system. Here you’ll be able to get all sorts Page 5

Once you and your designer have come up with a storage solution that suits your aesthetic and organizational needs, our highly trained shop staff will custom cut and manufacture all of the materials that will be used in your storage solution. Because our 30,000 square foot shop is located in Hopkinton, MA, we are proud to offer our customers a product that is manufactured locally.

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After an installation date is set, one of our professional installers will come out to your home and assemble your storage solution. All that’s left is to organize your space and start living in it. When all is said and done, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

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