As a company that offers full service for our products, California Closets prides itself on making sure the customer is not just satisfied, but in love with their new closet space. Our goal is to give you, the customer, exactly what you are looking for, if not better!

One customer was so excited about her new master bedroom closet that she came back for more! A lot more!

Beth Donahue had her Master Bedroom walk-in closet done after seeing a customized organization system in a vacation home in Florida and knew she had to have that in her home in Massachusetts. This is Beth’s story of how she’s come to love her California Closets.

Master walk-in closet in the Umbrian Oak Lago finish accented with five-part shaker doors and glass inserts, crown molding, and a shoe cubby.
Master walk-in closet in the Umbrian Oak Lago finish accented with five-part shaker doors and glass inserts, crown molding, and a shoe cubby.

Experiencing having an organized solution made me look into it” 

While on vacation residing in a Florida condo, Beth Donahue found her inspiration to get organized back home. It had double hanging with drawers and glass doors. As soon as she returned home she booked the appointment. She stated that “they took care of [her] as soon as they could” and that California Closets New England made her a priority.

A year ago, last June, Beth knew California Closets was located in her town of Hingham and went to check it out. It was there where she met Erin, and Beth says if it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have made the same decisions about her closet.

Before California Closets, Beth said, her system was just a rod through the closet for hanging and boxes with container storage. “It was not working for me,” answered Beth after I asked what the biggest problem was with the space, “it needed a lot of help.” She made the appointment for a free consultation with Erin and was the beginning to a wonderful experience.

Her favorite part during the whole process was working with her designer Erin Storr and the installers, “especially Paul McKenna…it wouldn’t have happened without them.”​

Her new closet was built in the gorgeous Umbrian Oak finish from the Lago Collection and went floor-to-ceiling with various hanging and shelving units. She added five-part shaker doors with clear glass inserts accompanied by oil-rubbed bronze door handles. The whole closet was accented with crown molding.

Once she was settled into her new closet space, she knew she had to keep going! With Erin by her side, the two of them came up with plans for Beth’s daughter’s closet, the bathroom closet, and two entry closets… Talk about organization! She also went on to do her own vacation home back in Florida, where she had first found her inspiration.

ellie's closet 3
CAD images of daughter’s walk-in closet in the Umbrian Oak as well, finished with crown molding and a shoe cubby for extra storage.

From one customer to another, Beth included that when looking to having a system installed, it is important to know that no two experiences are alike, “I had a closet installed by California Closets at my place in Florida and it was a completely different experience from the installation in Massachusetts.”  

Beth says that since having California Closets installed in her home, she is more organized, “I cleaned out the closet before the installation and after, I was able to clean it out more because I could see it all! It made me become organized and stay organized.”

She loves how her new closets look and her daughter is so happy with her closet as well. Beth feels like it is a room and not just a closet anymore.

I had no concerns, I felt completely confident. They exceeded my expectations.” – Beth Donahue

To contact Erin, the designer, click the link below:

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