Do you have a walk in closet that is filled with wire shelving? Have you noticed all the wasted space? Flip through these pictures to see how California Closets can help to maximize your closet and utilize all of the dead space for additional storage.

Bag Shelving

Make your entire hand bag collection look exceptionally great with our overhead LED lighting and glass shelves. They look as though they’re still displayed in the store!


A designer will help you create a space for everything. In this case, we created just enough space for all of those long dresses and even had room left over for shelving. We didn’t forget about creating a space for the shorter hanging clothes either! They’re perfectly sandwiched in between some hidden storage above and below.


A backlit vanity area makes getting ready even easier. This area is equipped with push latch drawers to store make-up, a blow dryer and other beauty products.


Light up shoe shelving helps to show off all those extra special shoes! It also makes selecting the perfect pair for the evening a breeze!


Valet rods are great for picking out an outfit for an upcoming event. They can also be helpful for hanging up that dry cleaning that you might not have time to put away promptly when you walk in the door.


Jewelry drawers help keep all of your jewelry organized and untangled. It’s great to be able to see everything at once when choosing just the right piece for that special night out.


Wooden drawer dividers help to keep those typically disorganized drawers in order.






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