Yes California Closets was started in California. And every good franchise owner must make the pilgrimage to the mother state every so often to just refresh the attitude.  You have to be in the California state of mind to be an effective closeteer. So, every once in while this Cambridge guy gets on a plane, carries on luggage because he is too cheap to check it, and makes the trip to the promised land  – not the land of milk and honey – the land of  “simplifying home and life”,  the original mother land of storage bliss. San Francisco here we come – over the Golden Gate bridge and down the highway to San Raphael where the brain trust, the intellectual brain bank of storage exists. The closet people are here – the awesome storage mavens who continually come up with more ways to make storage an important aspect of everyone’s overall well being.

The geniuses of storage live in San Raphael and they are continually working in their R&D lab looking for even more effective storage solutions. Imagine these people sequestered in their labs testing new belt racks, shoe shelves or hanging rods. Intently searching for the next great innovation in storage. These storage nerds are not all about work – it is in California after all – every once in a while some one will make some guacomole dip and all the nerds will come out of their labs for a few minutes of sipping grape juice and wolfing down tortilla chips slathered in that great avocado concoction.   The pressure is incredible – how do you follow up on 30 years of product supremacy?  What will be the next storage break through? The guacomole hits the spot – the pressure seems manageable and a breakthrough seems imminent.

So next week the trip to the storage Mecca will take place. I will get to rub shoulders with these incredibly creative and storage driven people. I know I will come back to New England with more ideas and energy about closets. I will have to transfer this energy to the troops on the storage front out here in the New England region. It is an awesome responsiblity but I know I am up to it. The people of New England are relying on me to bring back even more creative approaches to simplifying their homes and lives. We need this!

Even the competition is waiting – they need something else to copy from us. Look for my report on this important trip in the upcoming weeks. I just know that something big is about to break.  These storage freaks have been quiet for too long – its coming – the next great storage innovation.

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