Letterman has made the “top ten list” a part of our culture. Now we bring this favorite feature to the California Closets Blog.  Probably not nearly as funny as David’s, but still very relevant for the state of the closet and storage world of today. Letterman may have the best list, but the second best top ten list feature is the one done in our company’s newsletter. List editor, Designer Joe M. has a talent for comedic irony and I have been fearful of his being recruited by the writing team from the Letterman show. Well, here we go with  “Why California Closets Top Ten List.”

NUMBER 10: We like both dogs and cats.  Some companies are “dog” companies, and some are “cat” companies. We have been very careful in our hiring and training practices to balance out the dog and cat people. When we come to your home we can be  fully compatible with any of your pets.  One of our features is that you can request dog  or cat friendly designers and installers. Although not our biggest competitive advantage, it is truly a unique benefit of California Closets.

NUMBER 9: We have Lago. This Italian product is exclusive to California Closets and meets European ‘green’ standards. Our competitors do not have this product. It is truly an incredibly beautiful product and we have been importing and selling it for one year now.  Our customers cannot resist it and it is displayed in all our showrooms. It could easily be in a better position on this list, but for now here it sits firmly ensconced at number 9.

NUMBER 8: Smiles. Yes, we are still smiling. All the stuff going on in the world and we are still positive. We are the friendly closet and storage company. We know that when you are the best and you have people dedicated to stay the best, you smile.  We enjoy organizing for our clients. California Closets’ people enjoy their work and enjoy people. We like to smile. It is an advantage in today’s world to be able to smile.

NUMBER 7: Responsible.  We feel a sense of responsibility to think globally and act locally. We have an extensive recycling program for our wood and cardboard refuse. Our new Eco-Resin products are  socially responsible and work to promote third world  economic development. Our fleet of installation vehicles is being updated to be more efficient and ecologically friendly. We want to be good citizens.

NUMBER 6: Georgia. I told Georgia that she would get some mention in my next blog entry.  She deserves the press. Here comes a sport’s analogy.  If you follow the New England Patriots and if you are a student of the way Bill Belichik values players, you know that he places a high value on versatility. He likes those players that can play more than one position.  Georgia is very versatile – she works the customer service desk, handles customer follow up communication, schedules design consultations, and works to help in accounting in any way she can. In this economic climate you need versatile people working for you. When you call 800-225-6901 say hello to Georgia and she will schedule your appointment or help you in any way she can. Please do not chat too long with her – her versatility keeps her very busy.

NUMBER 5: We have showrooms, real showrooms.  Our 6 showrooms are located throughout New England. The competition claims to have showrooms, but we have showrooms that give you an opportunity to really see and understand our product and help you understand design concepts. Our showrooms are not a 6ft X 8ft room with one cheesy display. We are not shy to show off the fact that we can deliver on a high quality product. Our showrooms are an advantage for California Closets as a sales and design tool and an advantage for our customers because they know just what they are going to get in their home.

NUMBER 4: The Installation Department.  Our install team is the absolute best.  They work to efficiently get your closet and storage system installed. They are clean, fast and friendly.  Our installers understand customer service – they are more than just storage technicians. They understand the urgency of getting the home in the organized state that would make the client smile.

NUMBER 3: California Closets controls chaos.  The world is chaotic – shouldn’t your home at least be organized?  Every day is another day of the unknown-  you just do not know what to expect – the banks, the auto industry, the government: in the famous words of Elaine Benis-yada, yada, yada. It just seems to go on and on. All these things we just do not have control over. Don’t you think it would be great to have control over the organization of your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to have California Closets help you with at least bringing your home into order and organization? The economic situation is beyond our control – the organizing of your home is not.

NUMBER 2: The California Closets Designer.  Our Designers are the best in the industry. They deliver on number 3 of this list.  They know organizing and they will spend the time to make your home the sanctuary you need in these times. They care, they smile, they have a sense of humor and they can organize the un-organizable.  They will do all this with an eye for the aesthetics. Organized and aesthetically pleasing to the eye – the mission of the California Closets Designer.

AND……..THE NUMBER 1 REASON  WHY YOU SHOULD USE CALIFORNIA CLOSETS (now more than ever): Value! We are now the best value – by far.  We are working with our suppliers to offer incredible values to our clients. Right now we are giving a free upgrade on our white product. You can buy American wood grains for the price of white! We have reduced prices on many of our products as we work to meet the needs of  clients in these trying economic times. However, we have not changed our service level or product quality. Our standards have not changed!  This is why the value of California Closets is number 1 on the list – now more than ever is the time to eliminate chaos, bring order and add value to your home.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Ken Cleary – President, California Closets- New England

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