We are ready for 2009.  The team is ready to go- we are looking to organize more homes this year than last and our goals are to do it while being very efficient in everything we do. In this economy you have to be innovative and you have to be great at what you do to succeed.  Mediocrity just does not cut it.  Here are just some of the new things that we are rolling out in 09:

NPS (Net Promoter Survey) We are measuring our customer satisfaction. We are stepping up our commitment to this program and will be monitoring individual and team performance.  This is a customer satisfaction tool that is used by all the best companies.  Having elated customers is the best marketing tool a company can have. Elated customers are our best advertisers.

VIRTUOSO – This new product is a complete departure from the traditional closet company offering. It is an innovative combination of high style and functionality.  In 08 we came out with our Lago product from Italy and now Virtuso brings a new style to this beautiful product. You can find displays of Virtuoso in our Brighton showroom and at the Boston Design Center in South Boston.

CAD – Our new computer aided design program is exclusive to California Closets. It allows the designer to more effectively design and communicate with the customer.  This program automatically prices so that the client knows that the pricing is not arbitrary.  It allows us to streamline the design to manufacturing process helping to diminish defects in the installation process.  Our goal is to get the client’s design installed defect free the first time.

EFI Product line –  This contemporary line of glass and metals is leading edge for those customers who are looking for something different.   3form is another companion product that brings a natural essence to door designs.  All our designers have samples of these creative contemporary products.

BEWARE! Our approach has always been to give our clients the best value we can while maintaining our reputation for service and quality.  We are always taking a forward attitude with our approach to doing business. We continue to operate with solid business fundamentals. We are solid.  There are some companies out there that are not solid. There have been stories of companies taking deposits and then not being able to finish the job.  Some of these closet companies are operating just to make it to the next day – they hope. What is their commitment to you? If the price is too good to believe it probably is.  Most likely it is a sign that things are not on solid footing and that your project and deposit could be at risk.

CONFIDENCE:  The consumer’s lack of  confidence has been the most important factor in the state of our economy.  As an owner of a business in this climate it has been difficult to exhibit confidence.  However, I now feel that even though things are tough, we are getting ready to move to a new phase of economic development.  This is still a great country and we are now poised to lead again. Economic slowdowns in the past have taught us one thing – they do not last forever.  This one has been particularly tough, but we must know that things will get better.  We must have confidence and know that these troubled times will only make us stronger in the long run.  We are prepared for the turnaround. Happy New Year – Happy 2009.

Ken Cleary – President, California Closets New England.

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