It began when my children started to really converse with each other when I noticed the distinction and creativity of their words.  There has always been slang – words that conveyed meaning with the way they sounded.  In my youth, words such as “cool”, “wicked” or “radical” often made it into most conversations. Soon, these words became overused and gave way to other “words.” 

As time goes by, (when you get older and become out of touch with absolutely anything …….cool?), you start to hear words from your kids that you just don’t understand. My son Robert, however, seems to want to take words to a new more confusing level for me. He and his friends use words and create derisive meanings that are just beyond my attempts to understand.

“Herb” was used nonstop to describe certain kids, teachers and quite frankly anyone that just wasn’t up on what “herb” means. Was it a play on the name Herb? Was it a putdown born of the person so described as a sage, rosemary or thyme? 

Then, everything became “random.” To be random was just the worst. This teacher was just “random.” This player on the other team was just “so random.”  Does that mean I should be consistent – never deviate from the predictable?  Randomness had me confused.  I work very hard not to be random. 

The latest confusion for me has been “new“.  “What are you….NEW?”  All of a sudden if you are new you will incur the derision of my son and his friends. What does it mean?  Just when you think you have figured out the nuances of the word – the word becomes …….old. 

Now, it appears that something described as “bad” could be in reference to a positive association – sometimes bad is good. These words made their way into the mainstream.


One of the worst things you can do as an out of touch parent is to try to use these words in what you believe is the right context. You are never correct in their appropriate usage and it is most difficult to get the right voice tone and body language that would communicate the fully meaning of the word.


Now what does this have to do with this California Closet business blog?  Well, some of our competitors use words and use nuanced definitions to confuse potential clients.  When a company tells you that their product is green – take the time to ask about it.

Ask us about our green product Lago and we will give you the real facts. 

Ask us about our new product line of decorative door glass from ThreeForm and we will tell you about the good works that buying this product will do for developing countries.


The most nuanced and confusing word is “value.”  Many confuse “cheaper” with delivering value. California Closets delivers real value – you get the most for your dollar and a lifetime product that you can count on.

So as words come and go many with trendy or elusive meanings – I am very clear on what we have here at California Closets. We offer value.  We have employees that are committed to delivering value and these people understand that this is the driving force behind California Closets.

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